Welcome to Song Bird Cattle

floral person's portrait graffiti

Welcome to Songbirds & Cattle

I am Kathleen McElwaine a Texas Watercolor Artist,
I will show you all the paintings I have available for purchase at this website. 

After painting Cows and Birds and Flowers for over 50 years I realized I was simply recreating the fun surrounding all the pastures of cattle. Nothing held more surprise than each time we pulled into a pasture to feed the cows.

Please let me know if you see something you like.


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1512 River Oak Dr
Leander, TX, 78641, US

About us

Much of my childhood was spent, sketchbook in hand, in the front seat of a ‘54 Chevy pickup. My goal as a professional artist is the same as it was when I first started: to passionately show the world my view of the beauty all around us. All of my paintings you will see on this site are inspired by life. I pray my paintings connect with you, your memories, what you love and what you celebrate. Please let me know if you see something you like. Kathleen McElwaine